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About ESCB

Ealing Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB) is a statutory body established to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in the borough.

Comprising of representatives from the statutory, private and voluntary sector - its core duty is to ensure that there are adequate arrangements within and between agencies to protect children from harm.

Part of this duty is to provide safeguarding training for professionals as well as volunteers within the London Borough of Ealing.

ESCB runs a wide range of courses offering training on a diverse range of subjects; including disseminating and promoting changes in legislation.

Alongside the Board, we support a very successful Young Ealing Safeguarding group- YES – a group of young people aged from 14 – 19 years, who regularly come together to address issues of teenage safeguarding concern: they are able to reach young people in a way that the Board never could.

Some examples of their successful input include:

  • Development of a secondary school PHSCE module on healthy relationships
  • Development of a campaign on consent in relationships
  • Work on domestic abuse, which included the development of songs, video and workshop materials
  • Work around gangs and youth violence
  • Focused work on FGM awareness

Supported by some fantastic staff in the LB Ealing Youth Service, YES have not only increased the engagement of young people but have acted as peer champions delivering safeguarding messages in schools across the borough.

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