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Ealing Intensive Therapeutic and Short Breaks Service (ITSBS)

The ITSBS is a joint collaboration between the Ealing CAMHS-LD team and the Ealing Social Care Children with Disabilities Team. It aims to support young people with a Learning Disability and challenging behaviours/mental health difficulties who are at risk of a move to a residential placement to remain within their family and community settings instead.

The ITSBS aims to achieve this by offering an individually tailored package of short breaks and intensive clinical psychology and social care intervention and support with the young person, family and frontline workers.

The ITSBS is a joint collaboration between the clinical psychologists in the CAMHS-LD team and the social workers in the Children with Disabilities Team.

Referral criteria

To be referred to the team children/young people must meet all of the following referral criteria:

  • Have an Ealing GP
  • Age 0-18 years
  • Have a diagnosis of Learning Disability** or Global Developmental Delay or Complex Physical Disabilities


  • Have mental health difficulties or significant challenging behaviour that cannot be supported by more universal services.
  • Parents (or young person if over 16) have consented to the referral

**The  team use the WHO definition of a Learning Disability (IQ below 70, significant impairment in adaptive living skills, and difficulties present since childhood). The team will also accept referrals for all children attending an Ealing LA Special School (i.e. Springhallow, Belvue, St Ann’s, Castlebar, Mandeville and John Chilton special schools).

If you would like to discuss a child before deciding to refer please contact any member of the CAMHS-LD team at Carmelita House on 020 8825 8700.

How to make a referral

Before referring a young person to the service please discuss this with their allocated social worker and with a member of the CAMHS-LD team first. A referral form is then available from a member of the CAMHS-LD team. All referrers are invited to the monthly ITSBS meeting to present their referral to the ITSBS team and managers.


Contact information

The ITSBS Clinical Psychologists are part of the CAMHS-LD team based at:

Ealing CAMHS-LD Team,
Carmelita House
21-22 The Mall, London
W5 2PJ

Telephone number: 020 8825 8700


All complaints should be directed to  Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) for WLMHT. T

Telephone: 0800 064 3330


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