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SEND services and support during COVID-19

Although many services continue to operate, this may now be via virtual means.

We have included updates on services below who support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their families. 

Some services are also offering online workshops and sessions for families. Please see our 'events and online workshops' dropdown for upcoming sessions. 

We will continue to update this page with any changes. 

Events and Online Workshops

You can visit our Events page to find out about any upcoming events. Events Calendar |  Ealing Directory ( 

You can also follow our facebook page to keep up to date with any upcoming workshops 


Health Support

Please see below details of service updates from health services. To find the generic service information, such as referral process, please click into the service title. We will continue to update this section with any further updates.

Early Start- Health Visiting and School Nursing 

You can now call the Health Visiting advice line for confidential telephone health advice. 

Tel: 020 8102 5888 or email for confidential telephone health advice.

Phones open 9am-5pm, 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday (including bank holidays) 

The Health Visiting team can provide support on all aspects of child health,         development and parenting including:

  • Infant Feeding  / Introduction to Solids 
  • Management of Minor Illness 
  • Behaviour / Sleep

The School Nursing Team can offer health promotion advice on:

  • Allergies  / Bedwetting
  • Nutrition / Growth and Development  / Physical Activity
  • Behaviour / Relationships and more!

Do continue to follow Government advice on Covid-19:

Please refer to the online 111 tool if your child or anyone in your household shows symptoms

Find out more about Early Start Ealing

Ealing Occupational Therapy (OT) and Paediatric Physiotherapy(OT) 

The OT and Physiotherapy services continue to support children through a combination of phone calls and telehealth (video contact) . 

Programmes, advice and therapy resources are also being sent home to families. Staff continue to support annual reviews that have been taking place over this time. Additionally, teams have developed resources and training materials to be used in settings in discussion with teaching staff. The teams are contactable through the following:-

Paediatric Physio – Tel 020 8825 8702 email

Occupation TherapyTel 020 8825 8768 email

Paediatric Physiotherapy service update (June 2020)

Service continues to accept referrals from Health, Education and Social Care professionals. Self referrals are not accepted- if you are a parent/carer who would like to make a referral for your child, please speak to your GP (for children with an Ealing GP)

- Written referral to include child’s details, contact details, GP & referrer details, diagnosis and relevant past medical history and clear and specific details of physical difficulties that require physiotherapy intervention (email letter to above address or post to Carmelita House)

Current service offer:

  • 'Virtual first' approach – everyone will be offered a telephone assessment in the first instance, and video observational assessment as indicated
  • Advice and management plan provided if physiotherapy intervention required
  • On-going follow-up via tele/video health to review and progress management plan
  • Face to face appointment/visit can be arranged as per urgent clinical need (in line with Government & Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Guidance)
  • Children going into special schools and specialist nurseries are being supported to have their therapy needs met there as per Government & Department for Education Guidance (including staff training, equipment set-up, face to face review and intervention as per high clinical need)
  • Virtual equipment assessment & set-up appointments & urgent face to face appointments for orthotics.

Ealing Speech and Language Therapy

The Ealing Speech and Language Therapy Team continue to accept referrals through the usual referral route.  All new referrals are assessed within 8 weeks of referral, although this is now via a telephone consultation. Referrals should be sent to

For under 5's

  • Families are now able to access communication workshops online- for information please see 'Events and Workshops' at the top of this page or visit SLT Facebook
  • Therapy is provided via telephone/teletherapy and resources are being sent home to families

For school age children

  • For those children attending school , SLTs are starting to return to school where permitted
  • For those children at home  - telephone and teletherapy consultations continue
  • Training programme for parents/carers and schools are now online. Parents can book onto the courses by emailing  View the June 2020 programme

You can visit Ealing's SLT Facebook page to keep up to date with online sessions, communication tips, advice and resources: 

Advice Line 

The SLT team now have a new advice line for parents and practitioners open Monday to Friday 1pm - 4pm.

Call: 020 8825 8818 (We can call you with an interpreter if needed) 


You can call/email for advice on any area of your child’s (0 - 18 years) speech, language and communication including:

  • Ideas and activities to support your child at home with their attention and listening, understanding, talking, speech sounds and social skills
  • General queries about speech and language therapy

Visit the Speech and Language Therapy page to find out more about this service 

Child Development Team 

Comprises of paediatricians and specialist health visitors. Appointments are being delivered either by face-to-face, telephone or video link. 

Tel 020 8825 6013 (general enquiries)

Email for all referrals (including social communication assessment referrals) and general enquiries.  

Community paediatricians

We continue to offer assessments for children with a range of developmental concerns, including: physical difficulties, general developmental concerns, looked after children, safeguarding assessments, assessments for children undergoing assessments by the Local Authority. 

Assessments are either by telephone, video or face-to-face. Exceptions are assessments for looked after children and safeguarding reasons, which remain face to face

We are accepting referrals as per usual. All referrals are from professionals, we do not accept direct parent referrals. 

We would like to reassure all parents that whilst we will continue to provide assessment services, albeit in a different format,  some delays are inevitable. However a medical diagnosis is not needed to access help and support for  a child . Please do not feel that you are alone or that you must wait for a diagnosis. Our therapy colleagues will provide support without a diagnosis, as will health visitors and the Early Start teams,  as will nurseries and schools.

Social Communication Assessment Team 

Tel: 0208 825 8716 (for queries if your child is already known to the social communication assessments team)

Email: (for queries if your child is already known to the social communication assessments team)

The social communication assessment team is still continuing to assess children. We are using a mixture of telephone, video, face to face and school based assessments. When you were first referred to the service you may have been given an assessment type, however this may change due to current circumstances e.g. we are currently not running group assessments at present. When your child comes for their assessment, the type of assessment will have been discussed with you beforehand.

Early Bird and Early Bird Plus sessions continue to run virtually. 

Due to current circumstances, waiting times for a social communication assessment are currently just over a year from when you were accepted by the social communication assessment team. 

As mentioned above, please do not feel that you are alone or that you must wait for a diagnosis. Our therapy colleagues will provide support without a diagnosis, as will health visitors and the Early Start teams, as will nurseries and schools.

Children’s Community Nursing Team and Continuing Care Team  are available to support families and assist in supporting keeping children at home. This is a referral-based service and supports earlier discharge and admission avoidance where clinically safe. 

Tel 07548 141 805 email

The Special School Nursing Team continue to operate through their designated schools. Special School Nurses are on-site in schools, where schools are allowing external visitors and supporting those children who are attending school.

Special School Staff are following up children who they would normally see in school daily/weekly via telephone calls to ensure nursing needs are being met by the family and to offer support and/or advice to families.

Tel: 020 8825 8700 email

Health involvement in EHC assessments

You can find out about updates on health services based at Carmelita House and on other sites, including support from therapists, paediatricians and CAMHS and health’s involvement in EHC assessments on our Health Services Update- During COVID-19 page. 

Updates on Dental Services

NHS Dental Services are operating at significantly reduced capacity due to social distancing and infection prevention and control requirements in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as set out by the Chief Dental Officer for England and Public Health England.

Following the lockdown earlier this year there is a backlog of patients needing treatment.

Most dental practices are now open and able to safely provide a full range of treatments but have to prioritise urgent patients over routine and non-urgent dental care.

Most dental practices have to have up to one hour gaps between patients if they are providing treatments, to maintain a safe environment for patients and staff. This means that available appointments are in short supply.

If you are not able to make your appointment please let the practice know as soon as possible as they may be able to book in another patient in your place

All patients should call the dental practice for triage and advice if seeking dental care. The practice will then either provide advice or make an appointment if treatment is necessary. If the practice has capacity and the issue is not urgent you may be offered a routine appointment, though this will vary from practice to practice based on their capacity and existing patient need.

If you do not routinely attend a dental practice, have an urgent need and are unable to find a local practice which has capacity then you may be directed by a dental practice to call NHS 111 to speak to the dental triage service. If the triage service finds the issue is urgent they will arrange an appointment at the urgent dental care centre.

In summary

  • If you need urgent dental care and do not routinely attend a dental practice and are having trouble finding one which has appointments call NHS 111
  • Call your practice before attending in person and let your practice know if you are unable to make your appointment
  • If you are seeking a routine appointment this may not be possible: patients in pain or at risk of losing teeth will be prioritised
  • If you are self-isolating or have symptoms of COVID-19 and your dental need is urgent please call NHS 111, do not attend a dental practice
  • Please be patient with your dental team, we are working to ensure that care is provided in a safe environment and that those with the highest need are prioritised


Education Support

Ealing Educational Psychology Service 

The Educational Psychology Service continues to deliver a remote service to schools, which is subject to review in adherence with advice from Public Health England.  Educational Psychologists (EPs) continue to maintain regular contact with their allocated schools and SEND Planning meetings with school SENCos are being held remotely.

Parents should continue to discuss any concerns they have about their child with the school SENCo in the first instance, who may agree to bring these concerns to the SEND Planning meeting for discussion with the EP.

Telephone meetings with parents and school staff will replace face to face meetings wherever possible and in accordance with advice from Public Health England.

The allocated school EP will be able to offer a telephone consultation service to parents/carers on referral from the school SENCo, where it is felt this would be helpful. Please speak to your school SENCo if you would like to access this service.

The opportunities for educational psychologists to gather the full range of information for assessment will be severely curtailed. However, EPs will be able to provide reports and recommendations based on an analysis of previous knowledge (where they have it) and on more up to date information gathered from families, professionals who know the children and young people well and, where possible, the child or young person themselves, via use of a range of ICT.

Social Care Support

Children with Disabilities Team 

The Children with Disabilities Team is continuing to carry out all statutory social work functions which include taking new referrals, undertaking assessment of need, reviewing care plans, safeguarding, court work, work with Looked After Children and Young People.

We are carrying out face-to-face visits where necessary and making use of virtual meetings and visits via telecommunications where possible. 

New referrals should be via made Ealing Children's Integrated Response Service (ECIRS) 

Tel: 020 8825 8000 


If a social worker has already been allocated, you should contact them directly, or contact the duty team :

Tel:020 8825 7072 


Short Breaks Respite Care

For updates regarding short breaks and respite care, please see Ealing Council's updates to services for latest information.  Find out more 

Early Start SEND Inclusion Team

Early Start SEND Inclusion workers are based within Early Start and offer targeted and specialist support to families of children under 5 with additional needs including children with social and communication differences

  • The team are continuing to offer targeted support to families of children under 5 with additional needs through the usual referral pathway.
  • The team are carrying out doorstep visits, video conference contacts and continue to provide bespoke tools to support childrens development. 
  • Home learning packs and self regulation kits which are individualised to meet children's needs have also been provided to families.   
  • Workshops are now being delivered online. You can view upcoming sessions in by visiting 'events and online workshops' at the top of this page
  • A list of interactive resources provided by the team can also be found on the  Coronavirus- Useful resources for parents/carers, children and young people page 
  • If you are a parent/carer and would like to access the Early Start SEND Inclusion service please either speak to your health visitor or early years provider who can refer you to the service.  Alternatively, you can contact  the Early Start Team directly. Early Start : / 020 8102 5888

You can also read the Early Start SEND Inclusion Team's full update to see all support being offered during this time. 

Wheelchair Service- AJM Healthcare

The AJM Healthcare Wheelchair service are currently accepting referrals and requests for repairs. If when you refer there is any extra infomation such as seat dimensions or pictures you can safely share this would be helpful. 

AJM are continuing to see clients at home and in clinic where necessary and undertaking repairs.

Tel: 0808 164 2040 

Find out more about this service 

Ealing Adult Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD)

The Ealing Adult Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD) are a team of health and social work professionals , who work in partnership with people with learning disabilities, their carers and other agencies to overcome difficulties and problems. The CTPLD offers support for adults 18+ who have a diagnosis of learning disability.  

The service continue to accept referrals as usual. Where possible , the team continue to provide support to service users and families via the phone or through video conferencing rather than seeing people face-to-face. This is in accordance with current Government Guidelines which are enacted by the Local Authority and the West London Health Trust.

Tel: 020 8566 2360  

Find out about  The Ealing Adult Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD)

SENAS, EHCP's and Annual Reviews

The Special Educational Needs Assessment Service (SENAS) continue to operate and will respond to all queries via email and phone. 

Schools/colleges, parents/carers and young people will still be able to request an EHC needs assessment by emailing

Please refrain from sending any documentation via post during this time as this may get lost.

For a full update please see Updates on requests for statutory assessments, Education Health and Care (EHC) Plans and Annual Reviews

Further Information

SEN Travel Assistance

For children already receiving travel assistance:

If your child is already receiving travel assistance from the SEN Transport Team and are currently attending school ( because they are vulnerable, have an EHCP or have parent/s who are keyworkers) you will still be able to access travel assistance as usual.

If your child usually receives transport but has been given a confirmed place in another school temporarily due to recent events, please contact the SEN transport team to discuss these changes so arrangements can be made.  Contact can be made by the school or parents to :

SEN transport:

Tel: 020 8825 5544


 Mon-Fri 07:00 – 17:00.

New applications

The travel assessment team is running as usual and are processing all new and current applications as normal.

SEN travel assessment team:  Tel: 0208 825 8033

Please visit the Travel Assistance page for information on SEN Travel

Contact Ealing

Contact Ealing provides advice, information and support to families caring for children and young people aged 0-25, with any disability or additional need, regardless of diagnosis.

Contact Ealing are currently offering the following support lines to parents: 

  • For workshops and events, contact Satvir Birk on 07884 741654
  • For advice around finances, education and emotional support, contact: Selina Eshun on 07421 452978 or Antonia Vlachopoulou on 07519 416382. 
  • For advice around Covid 19, education and general enquiries, contact Brigitte Bistrick-Bryan on 07908 826948

Online sessions

Contact Ealing will also be continuing their support and information sessions as online Zoom meetings, including their new Autism Support Group. You can email for details of online appointments and events. 

IT Support

Contact Ealing are now offering FREE help with using your Computer, Laptop, Internet Tablet or Mobile Phone at Home. Support can be provided over the phone, by text message, through email or video call, at a time convenient for you. To find out more view the flyer or to register / book, please email Satvir on: 

Ealing Parent and Carer Forum

The Ealing Parent and Carer Forum (EPCF) will continue to act as a main point of communication between parents and Ealing services as well as the EPCF partner organisations.

You can contact the Ealing Parent and Carer Forum if you have any issues or queries around your child’s education and support during this difficult time. 


Find out more about Ealing Parent and Carer Forum 

Parents of Ealing Self Help Training Scheme (P.E.S.T.S)

Parents of Ealing Self Help Training Scheme (P.E.S.T.S) offer support for parents and carers of children aged 0-5 with a disability, additional or complex need in Ealing.  Currently, P.E.S.T.S are offering: 

Outreach Telephone offering support where needed, a befriending and social contact service for parents and carers of children with disabilities, website and facebook information, and provide weekly online resources for children including recreational musical activities which will be sent out by link.

You can get in touch on the details below

Contact details: Joy 0208 5719954, email:

Office opening hours: 9am to 3pm (Monday to Friday)

Natalie 07914 311298, email:

Outreach Support Line: 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday 

Find out more about P.E.S.T.S

Ealing Mencap

Ealing Mencap have launched LIFELINE, a help line offering support, guidance and someone to talk to during these confusing difficult times. 

Our team has been ensuring regular contact through companion calls with all our customers to check on their well being, and refer to services they might need. 

LIFELINE is available to anyone in Ealing with learning disabilities, Autism or physical disabilities, as well as their families/carers. 

Tel: 020 8566 9575 Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm

Visit  for updates

Ealing I SAID

Ealing ISAID  (Impartial Support, Advice and Information on Disabilities and Special Educational Needs) offer  free, impartial, independent advice and support to families living in Ealing with a child or young person up to the age of 25 who has special educational needs or a disability (SEND).

Ealing I SAID will continue to offer a support service however are now working remotely

Opening hours: 9am-5pm (Monday to Friday, all year)

Tel: 02039788989

All calls are answered by our caseworkers. If the lines are busy, please leave a message. For out of office hours, your call will be responded within 48 hours.

We continue to book parents/carers and young people for telephone appointments. However, if parents prefer, we also offer support on one-to-one basis on Microsoft Teams and Zoom applications via online video call. Zoom allows screen sharing as well, therefore caseworkers are able to share screen and go through paperwork, and professional reports etc together with parents/young people.

SEND advice surgeries: 

  • Each Monday from 10.30 am-12 pm  via online link on Zoom (delivered in English and Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tigrinya, Bulgarian).
  • Tuesday from 10.30 am-12 pm  via online link on Zoom (delivered in English and Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Pashto, Tigrinya, Bulgarian).

Sessions on complex health and social care support:

  • Every Friday from 10.30 am - 12 pm via video link on Zoom . We can also discuss DLA and (PIP for young people with SEND)

New offer: Workshops and Training sessions in SEND Law, legislations, EHCP processes, annual reviews, exclusions, health needs and the SEND law, SEN support and many more delivered by Ealing I-SAID via Zoom link to parents/carers and professionals. 

Support online and via the helpline on Mondays and Tuesdays also available on Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bulgarian and English.  On the rest of the days helpline support is provided in English. 

To participate and enquire regarding any of these sessions please  email our team at 

Follow ISAID on Facebook for updates

Find out more about Ealing ISAID

Ealing Family Information Service

The FIS has a dedicated SEND Officer who  will continue to provide advice, support and specialist information for families who have a child with additional needs or disability.  A bespoke support service is also available to families who are experiencing challenges in accessing services such as childcare, that meet the needs of their child.

Izra Bernard    
FIS SEND Officer 
Ealing Family Information Service

020 8825 5588 

Further support and useful resources

Financial Support

Contact, the charity for families with disabled children have produced a helpful guide of financial options if you have a child with special educational needs or a disability (SEND).

Contact Ealing Telephone appointments 

Contact Ealing also offer Financial and Benefit advice (you can make an appointment for Benefit Advice, DLA etc) every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10am to 3pm.

Get in touch on 07395 913573 (leave a message if unable to get through) or email for more information.

Find out more about Contact Ealing

Family Fund

The Family Fund provides grants to families on low incomes who have disabilities or severe medical conditions.  Family Fund has received extra funding worth £10 million from the Department for Education to provide grants for families on low incomes raising disabled or seriously ill children in England this year.

This emergency funding has been provided in response to the crisis presented by the Coronavirus pandemic and will help more parents and carers to look after their children. Families can apply for grants to make their lives easier while implementing social distancing measures, including computers and tablets, outdoor play equipment and sensory toys.

You can find out more and apply on their website:

You can also visit our COVID-19 Financial support and advice page for information on benefits such as universal credit, council tax relief etc.

Bereavement Support 

We have created a page for bereavement support available during these times. Please visit  Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) Bereavement resources and support for more information.

Food Banks, Food Distribution and Food Collection

There are a number of food banks and food distribution services in the London Borough of Ealing; as well as food bank collection points. Some existed before the Coronavirus crisis, others are in development or have stepped up their services or extended their criteria to help more people at this time, and in particular, vulnerable members of the community and those suffering hardship. 

You can visit our  Food Banks, Food Distribution Services & Food Bank Collections page for a list of available services, including information on Ealing Together, who are supporting residents who are vulnerable or who are are self-isolating 

Useful Resources 

You can visit our Coronavirus- Useful resources for parents/carers, children and young people page to find resources covering mental health, staying healthy, keeping safe online and more.

You will also find SEND specific resources which offer social stories, information for parents and resources compliled by the Early Start SEND Inclusion team which include visual tools, examples of routine timetables and fun activities. 

Council for Disabled Children- COVID-19 Support and guidance - resources and guidance  guidance about coronavirus to share with parent carers, children & young people and education, health and social care practitioners. 

Council for Disabled Children FAQ - SEND support during the Coronavirus pandemic-  Submit questions and download the latest issue of weekly FAQ's

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