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WhatsApp and social media misinformation: Coronavirus Act

We have been made aware of rumours circulating on social media which suggest that, under the Coronavirus Act, school children displaying COVID-19 symptoms can be taken and detained by the state in a government testing centre and held for 14 days, plus tested without parental consent, according to a letter from the Children’s Commissioner. 

Please be aware that these rumours are not true. Screening or assessing a child can only take place in the presence of carer, parent or guardian.  

If your child displays symptoms it is very important that they get a test and that they do not go to school or nursery so that they don’t make any other children unwell. If they become unwell at school, you will be contacted, asked to remove them from school and advised to take them for a test.

For more information please see the flowchart for parents and carers which advises you on what steps to take if your child displays symptoms. 

You can also visit our Return to School page for tips on supporting your child's return to school. 

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