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Family Links- Islamic Values Parenting Programme

Family Links Islamic Values is a parenting programme that considers the link between Islamic Values and parenting, bringing together Islamic religious teaching with the Family Links Nurturing programme.

The programme specifically considers how positive parenting strategies can relate to Islamic Values, drawing on extracts from the Quran and sayings (hadiths) of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). 

The aims of programme are to: 

• Promote emotional literacy (understand and express feelings) and emotional health
• Enhance self-esteem, self- awareness and empathy
• Develop communication and relationship skills
• Provide effective strategies to encourage co-operative, responsive behaviour and help with managing challenging behaviour in children.

Who can attend the programme?

The programme is targeted at parents of children aged 2-12 years old. This specialist programme is delivered to Muslim parents/carers. It relates to the content of Islamic Values.

How many sessions are there?

Family Links Islamic Values is a 11 -week programme- there are 10 sessions in total, each running for 2 hours per session. There is also an additional introductory session (coffee morning). You will receive a certification once you have completed the programme. 

How can I access the programme?

You can speak to a professional working with you/your family such as a teacher, SENCO, family support worker etc. 

They can make a referral on your behalf by contacting Ealing Children's Integrated Response Service(ECIRS). If you prefer, you can contact the team directly to make a referral.

Tel: 020 8825 8000 (option 1, option 1)

If you want to find out more about te programme, you can contact the Ealing Family Information Service on 020 8825 5588.

Upcoming Courses

Date:  Starts Monday 24th February 2020 
Time: TBC 
Venue: Jubilee Children's Centre 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Ealing Parenting Service
020 8825 6066/8422

Professionals: Referrals to be made via Ealing Children's Integrated Response Service (ECIRS) 020 8825 8000, or via mosaic for internal professionals. If parenting service form is already complete, please send to via secure email, clearly stating course required. 

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