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Paediatric Physiotherapy

What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that promotes the health and wellbeing of all. Physiotherapists are responsible for the assessment and physical management of problems due to accident, injury, ageing, disease or disability. Paediatric physiotherapists have specialist skills as physiotherapists, along with additional expert knowledge and experience of child development and childhood disabilities.   

Who do we see?

Children & young people accessing our service are subdivided into two main pathways:

  • Long term conditions, physical disabilities and developmental problems  (0-18 years, 19 in special schools)
  • Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic conditions (0-16 years)

What do we do?

Therapists provide evidence and experience based intervention options with clear pathways (Specialist intervention). They actively support self-management and empower children, young people and families to self-manage their own needs (Targeted intervention).

Each child/young person will be fully assessed by one of our Physiotherapists at their initial appointment and, together with the family, we will plan what to do next depending on the child/young person’s need and the outcome that is required.

Physiotherapy intervention may include:

  • Provision of an exercise or physical/postural management program
  • Individual or group sessiosn with physiotherapist or physiotherapy assistant
  • Provision of specialist equipment (e.g. orthotics, mobility aids and postural management equipment)
  • Review of child or young person's physiotherapy needs and program after an agreed period of time
  • Training of parents/carers/school staff to carry out exercise or physical/postural management programs, and integrate them into the child or young person's daily routine where indicated
  • Liaison with parents/teachers/learning support assistants/nurses and medical staff as appropriate
  • Onwards referral to other services as indicated e.g. wheelchair service, podiatry, other therapy services (i.e. OT/SLT)

Where do we work?

The Ealing Paediatric Phsyiotherapy Team is based at Carmelita House and is part of the Ealing Services for Children with Additional Needs (ESCAN)

Services are delivered in a range of settings across the borough appropriate to meet the child or young person's needs including clinics, children's centres, special and mainstream schools, and patients own homes.

Who else do we work with?

We work as part of the Multidisciplinary ‘team around the child’ with our colleagues in Health, Education and Social Care. Your child may be known to one or more professionals depending on their needs.

Training offered:

We are happy to provide training on request. For example:

  • To referrers regarding our service delivery, referral guidelines and criteria, and to disseminate universal information that may be relevant to their patients (e.g. advice on flat feet and in-toeing for GP's)
  • To individual settings (schools, nurseries etc.) regarding postural management, integrating the principles of physical management, integrating the principles of physical management into the child/young person's day, and how to promote gross motor skill development through universal activities
  • Specific conditions or elements of physiotherapy intervention 


  • We accept referrals for children/young people with an Ealing GP
  • We accept referrals from GP's, Paediatricians, Consultants, other Health Care Professionals and School Teachers/SENCO's.
  • Referrals are accepted by post or email. They should be sent to:

Ealing Paediatric Physiotherapy Service
Ealing Service’s for Children with Additional Needs (ESCAN)
Carmelita House
21-22 The Mall
W5 2PJ

Tel: 020 8825 8702

Who to contact

0300 12345 44

*From 22 March 2021 all of Ealing Community Partners (ECP) will be moving to a new, central phone number and changing the way that referrals will be received.

This means that there will be changes to how you can get in touch with services based within Ealing Services for Children with Additional Needs (ESCAN). Visit Updates to services based at Carmelita House - Children’s Specialist Community Health and ESCAN services |  Ealing Directory ( to find out more

Where to go

Paediatric Physiotherapy
Carmelita House, 21-22 The Mall
W5 2PJ
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