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The Animation Experience - Tailored Animation Workshops And Tutoring For All Ages And Abilities

The Animation Experience was started by Daniel Shirley; he found that when he went to university the people who succeeded the most were the students with previous knowledge and experience in the chosen subject, even though most say you don’t need the skills before you come to university. Luckily for him prior to going to university he had lots of experience in art, but also he taught himself lots of software and worked on a lot of self-directed projects. but a lot of the students in his class did not have this prior knowledge, and because of this was left behind by the class and had a significantly lower standard of work. Schools don’t focus on specialized subjects on animation so therefore it is hard to gain the even the most essential of skills like Photoshop. So the aim of The Animation Experience is to give students the opportunity to learn specialist animation and digital design skills. What The Animation Experience Offers? - Students will be able to work alongside an experienced and recommended tutor on a much more personal level than in schools, which will help students get the attention and advise they need. - Students will have access to industry standard software and equipment needed to create animations and digital design. - Students will get well designed programs catered to their individual needs and interests - Students can be assured they will get a happy and motivated tutor that will create the best learning and production environment possible - Students will be able to freely express themselves in a creative way - Disciplines available; - 2d animation (traditional or digital); - 3d animation; - Stop motion; - Character and Set design; - Storyboarding; - Digital design; - Software and more. Cost £7-£25 per hour.

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