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Ealing Speech and Language Therapy

Delayed development of speech and communication skills may be symptoms of a disability or special need. If you are concerned about your child’s development – please talk to someone about your concerns. If your child does have special educational needs – the sooner you are able to get the help and support your child needs, the better it will be for your child in both the short and long-term.

In the first instance you can discuss your concerns with a health visitor, GP or class teacher who will be able to provide advice and guidance, and may refer your child to a speech and language therapist for assessment.

The Ealing Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy service is part of ESCAN and works with children aged 0 – 18 years who have speech, language, communication and feeding difficulties. 

The service is available in schools, clinics and children's centres and it:

  • Makes speech and language assessments, provides advice and suggests the next steps into speech and language therapy.
  • Works with children, both individually and in groups to help develop communication skills.
  • Trains parents and professionals to continue speech and language practices outside of the service and use communication aids such as Makaton.

The service works exclusively with children who attend schools or are registered with GPs in Ealing. It provides training to early year’s staff to support speech, language and communication needs, and works to increase the number of communication friendly environments in early years settings

To find out more information on Speech and Language and support available, visit our Speech and Language Therapy page. Information on drop in sessions at Children's Centres in Ealing can be found in the downloads on the right hand side of this page.  

Ealing Children's Speech and Language Therapy have a new Facebook page! They will be posting facts, tips and information every day. To follow their page click here

Who to contact

020 8825 8856
Parent Organisation

Where to go

Carmelita House
The Mall
W5 6PJ
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