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ISAID (Ealing Office)

Update April 2020  : There may be changes to this service during this time. Please see below for full details of what is on offer. 

ISAID (Impartial Support, Advice and Information on Disabilities and Special Educational Needs) offers free, impartial, independent advice and support to families living in Ealing with a child or young person up to the age of 25 who has special educational needs or a disability (SEND).

ISAID work with parents and carers as well as directly with young people to help develop and maintain good relationships with schools, colleges, the local authority and other professionals in order to secure the best outcomes for the person with SEND.

ISAID aim to ensure parents and young people understand everything and can fully participate in the EHCP process by explaining how the EHCP assessment process works.

Promote positive outcomes between parents/carers, schools, colleges and Local Authority agencies.

Ensure the views, needs and wishes of parents/carers, children and young people are included in the EHCP assessment.

Will support you on an impartial basis, which means that:

•They do not favour one side over another

•They treat all parties involved respectfully and fairly

ISAID do not have a stake in the outcome, and are not involved in the Council’s decision-making process.

What does the service provide?

  • Individual appointments for parents/carers or young people their office or in a School Setting, an Early Years Centre/ College or Youth Centre (for young people with SEND);
  • Support for families via a telephone helpline, email, 1:1 meetings, school and college meetings and annual reviews.
  • Advice on processes when you receive diagnosis or pre-diagnosis i.e ASD, ADHD and other and what support is available
  • Information and guidance on how to apply for statutory assessment, that includes relevant documents and evidence to be submitted;
  • Facilitate communication between families and schools/professionals and support in resolving disputes;
  • Informal disagreement resolution, including help with mediation and preparation for First- Tier SEND Tribunal;
  • Support and assistance to draft letters and any other supporting paperwork;
  • Review EHC plans with parents/carers to ensure that objectives and outcomes of the special education provision meet the child/young person's needs;
  • Advice and support through the process of transition from one school to another (including exclusion);
  • Access to clear information to parents/carers and young people to SEND recourse library and  signposting to the Local Authority's 'Local Offer', how it is used and its availability;
  • Information on other organisations, groups or specialist services if further support is required;
  • Support families in special circumstances to apply for transport for their children with disabilities;
  • Sessions, talks and workshops for parents/carers and young people to understand relevant SEND procedures and legislation
  • Young person's lead who works with young people form 16-25 on a one to one basis to advise them directly and also delivers workshops to young people. 
  • As part of the Ealing Advice Service Consortium , I SAID have a part time case worker supporting families of children with SEND on complex health and social care issues, including support at professional meetings and DLA/PIP forms. 

Watch Ealing I SAID's service video 

Watch Ealing I SAID's video on Polish Community Champions - supporting children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families across Ealing's Polish community. 

Visit Ealing I SAID's information specifically for young people 

Please note: ISAID have recently moved to Sycamore Lodge, 1 Edgecote Close, London W3 8PH.  Find out more 

Who to contact

Contact Name
020 3978 8989

Where to go

Sycamore Lodge, 1
Edgecote Close
W3 8PH
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