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Family Ties

Family Ties is a multi-family group approach, involving up to 6- 8 families together. Multi Therapy is an evidence based approach that has been found to help families move forward and find solutions across many types of different problems

The group is dynamic, children and parents learn new ways of communicating and solving problems through playful  group activities. Some of the group is spent together as whole families, whilst other times parents and children meet separately in another room.

Who can attend the programme?

Parental separation and divorce are stressful experiences for the family. Often children may be unintentionally  caught up in conflicts between their parents, especially when these extend over a long period of time.

The Family Ties multi-family group is for families who would like to reduce the impact of such disputes on children.

How many sessions are there?

Before attending the group, there will be two intake sessions with parents to help them think about how to talk with their child about attending and agreeing ‘rules’ for participation. There will also be a ‘network meeting’ where parents bring member(s) of their network (e.g. family members, friends, professionals; min 1, max 5 people), together with other families to hear more about the group and how to support it.

Following initial meeting(s) families may be invited to attend the ‘Family Ties’ group, which consists of 8 evening sessions spread over the course of 3 months.

How to access Family Ties

You can speak to a professional working with you/your family such as a teacher, SENCO, family support worker etc.  

They can make a referral on your behalf by contacting Ealing Children's Integrated Response Service(ECIRS). If you prefer, you can contact the team directly to make a referral.

Tel: 020 8825 8000 (option 1, option 1) 

If you prefer to speak to someone directly you can contact the Ealing Parenting Service on the details below.

Upcoming Courses

Date: 23rd January- 19th March 
Time: 5pm-7pm
Venue: Grange Children's Centre, Church Gardens, Ealing, W5 4HN

Who to contact

Contact Name
Ealing Parenting Service
020 8825 6066/8422

For professionals:

Referrals to be made via Ealing Children's Integrated Response Service ECIRS 020 8825 8000, or via mosaic for internal professionals. 

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