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Report a Concern About a Child/Young Person

If you have a concern about the safety or welfare of a child or young person you should contact Ealing Children’s Integrated Response Service (ECIRS). Call 020 8825 8000, or email – the team is available weekdays 9am – 5pm and 24 hours a day for more serious cases.

You can get in touch yourself or ask a professional that is working with you such as a teacher, health visitor, welfare officer or family worker to make a referral/get in touch on your behalf.

A member of the ECIRS team will listen to you and make a decision about the urgency of the case and the best way forward. In the case of a safeguarding issue the caller has the opportunity to speak to social workers who will note the concerns and advise appropriate next steps.

Contact ECIRS if:

  • You are concerned that a child may be at risk of harm
  • You are concerned that a child may be experiencing verbal or physical abuse
  • You are concerned about a child’s behaviour, at school or at home
  • You are facing difficult parenting issues such as drug and alcohol use

If you believe a child may be immediately at risk please call 999.

In contacting ECIRS you may be referred to another service called SAFE (Supportive Action for Families in Ealing). The SAFE team consists of health professionals, psychologists, therapists, counsellors, school and family workers and social workers - all of whom work with children, young people and their families to find solutions to family situations before they escalate into something more serious.

Help and support is offered through family therapy, parenting programmes, one-to-one discussion sessions, substance misuse support, behavioural programmes and more.

ECIRS can refer you to SAFE for a wide range of issues including:

  • Concerns about a child’s behaviour at home or at school
  • Problems at your child’s school
  • Domestic violence, abuse or relationship breakdown at home
  • Problems such as debt or housing relocation
  • Addiction or substance misuse in the home
  • Mental health issues impacting on the wellbeing of a child
  • Significant parental stress

If you have a concern about a child or young person, please do not leave it - contact ECIRS for advice.

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